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Mnoey can only imagine the Gabilondo shop receiving news of this staggering order — because at that time they had less than 10 employees between 5 and 8, depending on which source you read. He needs a magazine,have you had any luck finding any parts? Retrieved from " https:

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The town was ceded to Bulgaria bulgaristan svilengrad casino after the First Balkan War. Soe that it is a Custome to this day, when any Vizer or Basha hath occasion to passe this way on warfare, hee goeth not over the Bridge, but where the Kinge did passe. At Mustapha Pasha, twenty miles in front of Adrianople, was a solid old stone bridge over the Maritza whose floods in the winter rains would be a nightmare to engineers who had to maintain a crossing with pontoons.

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